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TIMAB Magnesium completes its acquisition of Magnesium Do Brasil
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Mar. 11, 2021 - Having held a 50% equity stake in Magnesium do Brasil since 2013, TIMAB Magnesium is now the sole owner of the company. This acquisition is fully consistent with the development strategy of our Magnesia Division. It also marks a new stage in the ongoing process of exploring the considerable potential of Magnesium.

“This acquisition is fully consistent with TIMAB's strategy of securing access to raw materials, geographic growth and the marketing of innovative and original products”, says Gilles Le Jean, CEO of TIMAB Magnesium and Head of the Groupe Roullier Magnesia Division.


Recognised for its expertise in magnesium extraction and processing, Magnesium do Brasil operates a mine and processing plant at Jucas in Cearà State (Brazil), and will now join those already directly owned in Spain (Magnesitas Navarras).


On the one hand, this acquisition could increase TIMAB Magnesium’s direct access to the raw material, giving their Magnesia Division total control over every link in the product value chain, from the extraction of strictly selected ore to the marketing of specific Magnesium-based solutions.


On the other hand, the company's location in Brazil is ideal for strengthening this company’s market positions and attacking new markets.

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